Reiki with Sue Davies - Allowing Joy

Reiki Healing Meditations for You

are Your Reiki Top-up

In our busy lives there are so many demands on our energy. We can easily end up feeling depleted, like we are running on empty.

There is no denying that receiving a hands-on Reiki treatment is bliss, but its not always easy to arrange.

Through these Reiki Healing guided meditations you can receive Reiki from Sue and source, to you, wherever you are.

Whatever your understanding or experience of Reiki, you will find these recordings of huge benefit.

There is an unlimited supply of healing light for you to draw upon.

Are you a Healer?

A Well-being Practitioner?

or an Undercover Light Worker?

We all need support and interacting with others can be exhausting at times.

Maybe you are an Undercover Light Worker? (read the Blog post here) bringing through light to others, whilst you go about your day.

Keep yourself topped up with pure healing light and Reiki by listening to these beautiful Meditations regularly.

Connect to Sue and ask questions directly, in the Comments section of each recording.

Reiki Healing for You with Sue Davies - Allowing Joy

Audio Files for you

These beautiful relaxing Reiki Healing Guided Meditations/ Visualisations, are available with lifetime access are downloadable.

Reiki Healing for You with Sue Davies - Allowing Joy

Sitting Reiki Healing for You

Scripted for when you are sitting, and will need to return to a bright waking state afterwards.

Reiki Healing for You with Sue Davies - Allowing Joy

Laying down Reiki Healing for You

This recording is ideal for when you can relaxed even more deeply, either bedtime or when you can snooze off afterwards.

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Reiki Healing for You

Guided Meditations for Reiki Self-Healing

These recordings are for anyone with Reiki, regardless of style or experience.

Who are these Reiki Healing Meditations for?

  • Everyone can enjoy these Reiki Healing Meditations
  • Whatever your training or experience in Reiki
  • All walks of life
  • Wherever you are in the world
  • All ages

There is no Reiki tuition included in this package.

You can connect to Sue and ask her questions, in the Comments section with each recording.

Reiki Healing Meditations for You.  Sue Davies - Allowing Joy