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Do you desire to live a richer, more abundant and Joy filled life?

Would you like to deepen your personal Reiki connection and understanding?

Would you like to Grow you Soul-led Business with Ease, Joy and Alignment?

Allow me to light the way for you. With over 25 year professional experience and over 30 years of my own Spiritual and Personal growth journey, I can show you the path you may be looking for.

I am Sue Davies, a Teacher, Coach, Master Healer and former Practitioner. Committed to aiding your Spiritual Growth Personal Well-being and Growing your beautiful Soul-led Business in Alignment.

"Sue is generous and consistent, patient and understanding, supportive, honest and truthful.
She has shared her beliefs and knowledge openly without expecting me to follow blindly, and always allows discussion without judging so that I am able to follow my 'path' at my own pace within my own experiences. It is not a race, it is not to achieve the highest level for it's own sake, it is the personal journey that Reiki takes each of us on that Sue is aware of and nurtures in all of us."

- Jill H - Shropshire

Sue Davies at Allowing Joy
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Growing your Soul-led Business
Grow your Soul-led Business

Grow your Soul led Business with ease, joy and Alignment.

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Your Host Sue Davies at Allowing Joy
Your Host ~ Sue Davies

Sue loves to create Courses that support you, your personal / spiritual growth and the growth of your beautiful Business.

This is Your time, the topic is your choice.

Sue Davies at Allowing Joy https://allowingjoy.teachable.com

Hi, I’m Sue Davies

I have over 30 years of experience in various modalities for Personal and Spiritual Growth and Healing to draw upon.

Including 21 years as a Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, to name just two.

I love creating with the unseen energies of Law of Attraction, Reiki and co-creating with our Angels, Guides and Universal Spiritual Laws.

Also seeing first hand the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation practice, such simple things can create major changes.

"Her openness and generosity in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience as both a practitioner and trainer has been invaluable. Sue is a genuine person who really cares about what she does and about maintaining the best standards."

Marion - Shropshire