Claire - The Caring Angel

Claire - The Caring Angel

Guided Meditation

In this beautiful Guided Healing Meditation you can connect to Claire - The Caring Angel.

Allow her gentle energy to comfort you and the sense of her enormous soft and pillowy wings surround you. To relax and sooth away you troubles.

Claire - The Caring Angel was channelled to Sue initially as an Acrylic 3D Art on Canvas.

Then followed the Guided Healing Meditation.

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Never listen to this relaxing Meditation when you are Driving or Operating Machinery


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Claire - Caring Angel Meditation

A Guided Angel Healing Meditation

Allow Sue to Guide you in this beautiful Healing Meditation with Claire - The Caring Angel

Sue Davies

Sue Davies has been leading Guided Healing Meditations for over 20 years.

An experienced Master Teacher Healer, she continues to support people with their Healing journey.

Channelling from her High Level Guides and Angels.

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